Woe is a Cowboys fan

With all the winds of change occurring around the National Football League a few things seem to be a constant. The Patriots are good. Peyton Manning and Drew Brees are passing aficionados. But the most automatic thing is the the mediocrity of America’s most polarizing team the Dallas Cowboys. Thanks to Romo’s big game ineptitude and poor defensive play under the direction of one Jesus’s disciples Monte Kiffin. The Cowboys are once again 8-8 and are on the outside looking in to the playoffs.
A true sign of ignorance is continuing to do the same thing with the expectation of a different result. Well my friends, Mr Ignorant in this case is non other than Jerry Jones. Some people are wired in a manner where their way is always right. An egotistical maniac. Mr Jones is the epitome of such. With other strong personalities such as Jimmy Johnson and Bill Parcells in the fold the Cowboys have had to most success under Jones. But due to his overbearing ways, being the genius has driven these coaches away. Don’t get me wrong Mr Jones does do some things well. For starters I am on on my couch living my modest life commenting on a man who is a multi billionaire and owns the most lucrative franchise in American Sports because he is a marketing genius. But he still is hindering this franchise because he won’t hire qualified individuals to conduct the Cowboys football operations. I am not a Cowboys fan but I feel their frustration. Mr Jones if you see this ,swallow your pride. You will always be the boss as long as you own the Cowboys just loosen the reigns a little and then maybe you and Cowboys Nation may once again bask in glory. For now being average is not cute.